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Description: Have you ever experienced the tension between members of the music & tech teams at church? Tension might be an understatement! “Confessions” is a comical satire that sheds light on “behind-the-worship” struggles faced every Sunday morning. You will laugh until you cry, as this video is spot-on at profiling the technical difficulties & frustrations when leading worship. The video preview is only a teaser for the actually mini-movie that is available for purchase on this page. The whole mini-movie is 6:18 in length. You’ll enjoy watching it yourself the first 10 times, and then you’ll get even more enjoyment by showing it to others, especially your church staff & members of the worship team. "It was so funny! And it really really...well, just made me laugh & lighten up a bit. It's a very cool video & very well done.”  - Rick Muchow, Worship Pastor of Saddleback Church Produced by Grateful Inconvenience. Edited by Ben Smallbone of Radiate Films.


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