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Description: The Advent Journey is a groundbreaking new series from Highway Video designed to help churches celebrate the lighting of Advent Wreath candles during the Christmas season. This tradition (which dates back to the early sixteenth century) involves placing four candles on a wreath and a fifth in the center of the wreath. One candle is then lighted each Sunday during the Advent season with the fifth candle being lit on Christmas Eve. Each candle carries a specific meaning (see the descriptions below) relating to Christ and the Advent season. Those meanings are further enhanced by the colors of the candles. The first, second and fourth candles are purple/lavender (symbolizing expectation and royalty), the third candle is rose/pink (symbolizing joy), and the last candle is white (symbolizing Christ, the Light of the World). The videos in The Advent Journey series provide a great introduction to each week’s candle while allowing time for someone to get into place to light it. Each video is designed with a simple visual metaphor that connects an everyday experience to the deeper symbolism of the Advent Wreath candles.



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