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Description: *Note: While both chorus and bridge videos are provided, preview video shown here is only the bridge.*
“Glorious Interruption” - The Story & The Song Written to give the unique perspective of how Jesus gloriously interrupted the lives of Mary and Joseph and how he wants to gloriously interrupt yours.

Here is all you need to do to create a phenomenal element for your Christmas event:

Have a person or a couple sit on a stool(s) and read the story as the provided music arrangement plays underneath. [Length: 10 minutes. Easy to edit for time.]

Follow the story with the song. Play video provided ONLY during the chorus and the bridge. (Length: 5 minutes)

We give you EVERYTHING you need to make these moments, the moment! You get all this:

-“Glorious Interruption” – The Story Written and recorded by Ted Lowe
-MP3 of the story being read
-PDF of story
-MP3 of the music arrangement to accompany the story as it is being read
-“Glorious Interruption” – The Song Written and recorded by Casey Darnell
-MP3 of the song
-PDF of the lyrics
-Video package created to be shown during the chorus and bridge.


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